Jessica Mallais — FRONT LAWN BABY

Ever fuked a pillow ? let me tell you about a who does on the regular. got knocked up and wondered bout the dad(s) until at long last it just happened to be her current boyfriend. you know her bf, one of the ones who makes a living in their trap car if you know what I mean. oh yeah forgot to mention shes also a wannabe floozy at your service. no real job for her, but if youre into making 2% off a random weightloss program shes your gal. really I mean i feel for her brand new daughter imagine having this chick as a mom. what she gonna tell her grandkids, hey look at my backpage ad. yikes. b1tch dead ass had her baby on her front lawn. previous to that she sold her ass 80/20, she got $20 and her b1tch took $80. then she proceeded to tell people it was 80/30…..bitch asked her own cousin when her damn birthday was. girl got wayyyy too many dumb she sold pepsi to an undercover cop. then ratted out anyone and everyone to save herself. DIRT NASTY RAAAAATTTTTT. not gonna lie, she look like a dolphin/pug hybrid in a blonde weave. and thats offensive to dolphins. and pugs. poor girl, send help. and plastic surgeon. or better yet somebody call a social worker… or someone else will have to call a mortician

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