Jayson Sanford- Serial cheater/abuser Mahone Bay Nova Scotia

Jayson Sanford- Serial cheater/abuser Mahone Bay Nova Scotia. Women of all ages beware!! Jayson Sanford from the Mahone Bay Area, Nova Scotia is literally the definition of serial abuser. This is a warning to all women in the area or near the area. This man is completely unstable! Lies about everything to suck you in and has multiple women on the go at the time. When you catch him cheating he goes psychotic on you. Completely deranged individual. He works at ABCO industries in Lunenberg and is constantly on the prowl for women and even uses his job with sales to pick his victims. He literally gets off on collecting women that he can abuse. I was a victim of his for a few weeks and I had to completely block him once I found out about his behaviour. He had so many women on the go that I wish I would have gotten all their contact information to warn them. This man is in his 40’s and acting like a teenager. Absolutely horrendous! I have come into contact lately with some women who have gone through the same thing with him. Police calls etc to get rid of him. He brags about his micro penis and how he is not ashamed cause he knows how to use it. When I finally broke it off he went mental on me. Told me I was trash and that he had lots of other girls on the go and proceeded to send me snaps of his conversations with other women in the area.
To all my fellow women out there be careful.

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