Christina Vandermause

She almost got with my friend’s husband but her kid came home earlier than expected. He actually told his wife this, thinking that would get him out of the doghouse! He had to sleep on the couch for a week. This is not the first time this has happened, she has only a vague idea of who the baby’s daddy’s are.

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  1. What kind of woman does it say you are when the only man you can find is a married one? Sl*t it up Christina VanderMause… your day is coming, and I hear karma is a really big b***h… maybe a bigger b1tch than you are XOXO

  2. dont bother with this fake floozy she just wants attention trying to hook up with my cousin but on a relationship the next day shes gross and looks like she stinks!! tryna pass around her drds GROSS you need them filters but still a CATFISH!! ugly face and a ugly personality a real FLOOZY hide your uncles hahahahaha

  3. She’s a real piece of work. Check out her game. She’s a gold digger, liar, cheater, master manipulator and the most narcissistic person you will ever meet. Oh it’s all fun and games until someome gets their heart broke and that’s what happens every time.

  4. She is only capable of loving one supreme being, and that is herself. She’s out there right now so be careful you don’t fall into this pit. You’ll never be the same again if your even able to crawl out.


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