Jay An Rachelle Gough

So……..these 2 sit round all day doin fettie til they almst dead, hit eachother wit narcan then startover again. how do they stil hav cstody of thos kids is jokes no kid shoul b in that mess an she always cryin tht she cant get kncked up anymor wtf. shouldnt be to long bfore they losethose kids jus like the other 4 tht jay let cas adopt out. nvr seen eithr of them actin so grimy rachele has had evry dirty d in her all over chatham wallaceburg sarnia windsor an jay bribin young hos with fettie so he can get a sidepu55 to. rachelle done spent up or stole all jays cash on drugs casino her fak hair fake nails nasty lookin a55 tattos crashing cars hi on fettie jay keep goin back but he new she was nothin cept a cvm dumpster whn he got wit her. they breakup an makeup online evry othr week an then dirty dlete the posts an act like there all straight til nex time one of em gets caught fukin around again.too bad u guys didnt take some of that dope $ an buy a house so u could get out of rachelles parents basement wtfffffff. nothin u see bout thse 2 is real they r as fake as it gets an they are toxic as fuk enjoy yr nitemare betya tasha is laughin her a55 off

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