Anthony Marlow — Biggest User Around

Anthony Marlow — Biggest User Around . This man used an elderly lady for 6 years for as much money as he can, had her believing he loved her and wanted to stay here with her. While being with her he cheated on her multiple times and even had a side girl who provided money to him as well. He lied the whole time about being with any of them as well. Now when he got busted that was a whole different story. He was in denial about everything even though pictures were provided and still trying to continue using the elderly lady. This man deserves to rot in hell. Also keep in mind he is a married man at home. All the money he was receiving from these woman here in Canada went towards his house back home. Biggest user around. Stay clear from this man woman! He will do it to you as well while holding onto his 67 year old girlfriend.

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