Tracy Beavais — Bad Mom

Remember me……. Im the little girl lost to mental illness drug and the sex trade left homeless on the streets. I was not always this way. Im the way my mother taught me to be. Suffer years of mental illness and addiction herself. She took me away from my family at a year and a half, to abandon me in another province to keep me away from my father and siblings. Only to re surface in my life 11 years later. She then messed my head right up telling lies out of her jealousy selfishness and greed, addiction and mental illness. She told me my step parents moved every 3 months to keep her away from me. That was a lie but she brain fucked me into believing this. At 14 she hooked me up to prostitute in down town London to earn a ticket out to her in PEI. Where she lived to hide from the drug dogs of her past looking to collect on drug debit. When I arrived she started feeding me more drugs and bullshit as she crushed and sniffed her riddaline. Had me so full of drugs and mushrooms I was trying to eat a cigarette and smoke my peanute butter toast. I lost parents and many health relationships as a result of her mind fuckery. I eventually left her bullshit and abuse hating and loving her for the loving people I had lost and moral support I needed. I became a little girl lost. Hydromorph my drug of choice, perks, meth, anything available will do preffered to bang it. Working in the sex trade men would not give me that $20 pill with out cash or oral sex. I became so drug sick and mental ill I could not get out. Even after almost losing my foot to infection after shooting up with dirty needles. On the streets we do what we can to get by and survive. Love the ones who treat you right set health barriers with those who don’t. Don’t ever give up the fight addictions can be over come. Keep the right support and in your life and believe in yourself. You are worth it and deserve so much more. This little girl is lost but not forgotten. RIP

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