Madison Mcginnis – 3 Drinks And She’s Yours! Just Don’t Get Her Pregnant!

This dirty little slut Madison Mcginnis was dating one of my best friends. Last December she had some drinks and cheated on him while at home in Charlottetown, PE. A month an a half later she found out she was pregnant. What did she do! DRINK OF COURSE. She drank a hythokg she could get her hands on before aborting in February. Fast forward to June. WHAT HAPPENED!? You guessed it! Pregnant again! But with her boyfriend that took her back after the first incident. You wouldn’t believe what she did! The only thing she knew how to brush the feeling off. To get drunk every night, with oworkers, that have no suspecting idea. And she just goes along like everything is cool! What kind of piece of sh1t human does that!?

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