Cecilia Christine Thompson — Queen Of The Clam

If you’re looking for a slut you and your whole team can raw dog, then look no farther. This b1tch will do ANYTHING for a like on her Instagram pics. No effort needed, just slide in her dm’s and offer her 10 bucks on venmo or a crumb of pepsi and it’s in the bag! She think’s she’s the sh1t but really everyone talks about her. All of her pics on IG are so overly edited. When you see her face and body in person in the daylight…GAG. So embarrassing. She loves being on Lake Norman and will do whatever it takes to get on someone’s boat. One Saturday on the lake, I asked 12 dudes if they ever fuked her. Guess what, all 12 did. This girl is a walking DRD. We all call her queen of the clam because whoever she’s fuked ALWAYS tests positive for drd! On top of that, you better watch your stuff! She steals watches, money, and even people’s credit cards. Hold on to your boyfriend or your husband, because she’ll try to bang them all. Someone get this girl off of everyone’s d1ck and back into the trailer park where she belongs.

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