Zenaida DeMartino,52 Years Old,San-Jose,CA

Zenaida DeMartino 52 Years Old,San-Jose CA. This marriage woman- Zenaida DeMartino,( Zhenie Demartino) 52 years old is working in company Sanmina,San-Jose,CA, destroyed, like a barbarian, marriage of people who were marriage for 10 years .She met with married man and controlled every minute his actions, was mad if he did not call her , was jealous to his wife, forbade wearing his wedding ring and sent messages included nude photos in various poses,with her old body, spread her legs apart, showing her nasty coochie by using each place – her bedroom , car, shower,company where she works . Her messages were full of vulgarities and nude photos. She demanded that he send his nude photos to her too by telling him she is “hungry ” and want” to eat’ his old d..k This immoral woman manipulated marriage man ,who abused and lied his wife a few years and spent money in Hotel with this snake.This” trash” is still marriage ,has a family, three sons but did not destroyed her marriage and continues to cheat on her own husband. She’s a bad example of a mother who has lost morality.This homewrecker has several email addresses where she uses a different name. ( Beth Larson, Zhenie…., Ittleman) I want her husband to know what his wife is doing. All colleagues of this woman she works with should be careful. This snake can very easily destroy any marriage .. I believe, I am sure she will answer for ruined marriage of people.
The boomerang and karma exist.

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