Nick Manganiello – Sexual Predator

Nick Manganiello – Sexual Predator. The brother of B-list actor Joe Manganiello is a straight up sexual predator who preys mainly on women within his work space. His pathetic pick-up line is to ask what color panties a girl is wearing. Because he is in a position of authority, the women in the office are afraid he will blacklist them from the entertainment industry in collusion with his brother. The sad thing is, this pervert has a beautiful wife and family. Maybe the reason he likes wearing a blindfold while getting a blowjob is because he doesn’t want to see his own infidelity. He also has an unusual fetish for anal sex which makes you wonder what else he is hiding and whether he’s hiding it in other dudes.

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Tonya Crowchild/BEBE

Matt Hefler is a Pedophile and Pervert Freak