Dr Brian Wayda San Mateo, CA

Dr Brian Wayda San Mateo CA. Dr. Brian Wayda (@brianwayda) f****d his way through NYC. When his relationship in the hospital started spreading he moved here to Stanford and started f*****g his way through the Bay area. But that wasn’t enough. He started to convince girls from NYC that he use to hook up with to visit him here and maybe convince them to move here. He did with one person and he cheated on her for a year and a half. The girls he cheated with have Instagram handles @sarahjouini @c.steinnagel @ka3ineli
Warn these girls because he gave me high-risk HPV from his sleeping around. F*cker lied about having an STD.
250 N San Mateo Dr Apt 311, San Mateo, CA 94401

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