Desiree Monique Eggers — I’m Innocent

Desiree Monique Eggers — I’m Innocent. Desiree Monique Eggers from Desert Hot Springs California this woman is a homewrecker The first marriage she ruined was her own making her husband hang himself in front of her kids The second marriage she ruined ..was the guy she was cheating with ..That ruined her marriage..her boss. Who had a baby under the age of 3 After she got touchless state and said oh I didn’t do anything on innocent that’s her MO The third marriage she ruined was mine!! My husband and I were together for 37 years .. since high school and this bitch was a bridesmaid in my wedding !!! So , I made a big mistake by letting her stay in my house because she was homeless and I find out.. she started telling my husband what a good guy he is and how she doesn’t know any men like him. That everyone she knows doesn’t work or is on drugs..and then she starts flashing her” big fake boobs “ his face after day after day She started telling him lies about me. As a matter fact …she also started dressing like me ..she dyed her hair blonde ,she had her nails done ,like me , she put a ring on every finger , and would wait till I got dressed …so she could try and dress exactly like me !!! (Kind of like that movie “single white female”.) That’s some creepy sh1t!!!! And, she told my husband that “she was me”…just a better version..How do I know this??… because my husband told me. I told my husband ..just because you’re skinny and you have the same clothes as I do .. does NOT it make her me.. I have a heart of gold.. and she has a BLACK SOUL!!!!.. oh and also she was a bridesmaid in my wedding!! I know she’ll be going to hell!!!! .. because you don’t walk down the aisle in someone’s wedding and show up 35 years later and break their marriage up!! Black Heart!!! And Soul!!.. Well , .now , My soon to be X , James Doell living with her .. I guess ..he got her avhouse and bought her a washer and dryer and everything.. in Desert Hot Springs. Real class act ..she is .. even her own mother doesn’t want anything to do with her!! So sad!!! They deserve each other and when she makes him hang himself I hope he doesn’t come crying to me !!

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