Tee Fargo-Condran — Protect Your Husband

This is Tee Fargo-Condran the daycare owner-operator from HELL!! She is the owner of First Steps Academy on the West Side of Calgary and is completely psychotic. This home wrecker preys on husbands of the children in her care and sleeps with some of them. She has been sued multiple times for illegal business practice, and verbally assaulting children. It’s ia miracle her childcare operation is still even running!! DO NOT trust this evil, narcissistic & horrible woman to be entrusted with the care of your This is Cynthia Skabar the hair teacher from HELL!! She is the owner of Future Hair Training Centre in downtown Vancouver and is completely psychotic. She has been sued multiple times from abusing her students, gotten petitions by people trying to get the school closed down and she gets most of her students by offering them scholarships to her school from hell just to work as her slaves!! There is hundreds of bad reviews on google and yelp about her psychotic behaviour it’s a miracle her hair school is still even running!! DO NOT give this evil, racist & horrible women any business at her horror show of a salon.

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