Scott Wood — Ladies Beware Of This Monster From Manitoba!!

Title says it all!! This guy here is Scott Wood recently moved to Calgary from Winnipeg because his name is so sh1t on by everyone there. Even his own demented family and sisters who he openly confessed to wanting to smash are relieved this abusive incest alcoholic psychopath left town. His niece Mya is mostlikely his kid and all his overweight mom does is sit on her ass preaching to the choir what a good boy she has when in all reality she has witnessed him beating the shit out of almost every one of his gfs. Dont believe it? Ask Meagan who he almost killed or Dani who he beat up multiple times. This loser deserves to be in jail but always his mommy backin him up. Talk about an enabler!! Beware ladies: like every narcissist he is charming and amazing in the beginning!! Wont be long before he leaves you black & blue. Raging alchy who takes PLEASURE in hurting women just like his slobby father. Run the other way if you see him in Calgary OR Winnipeg. Monster!!

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