Natasha Marie Fernandes — TRACHY Tasha Floozy

Natasha Marie Fernandes — TRACHY Tasha Floozy. This thing here omg, is the worst! She cheats on her man that she has a kid with, shes cheated on him every chance she got! She was sleeping with 3 or more guys while she was in calgary and her man was in BC, witch is where she currently lives with her man and son. Shes a sneaky thot! Shes even slept with her sisters inlaw new fiance and denies all of it! She slept with him while sleeping with 2 other guys while trying to work things out with her man! She manipulates everyone, She recently came to calgary and was sleeping around while now dating her man! This waste of skin is the worst on the planet! Shes someone you want to stay far away from. The smell on her is toxic! But anyone reading this , and doesnt care about a nasty trachy floozy like this then hope on the train, she will ride anyone and anything!

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