Michelle Thompson — Dirty Lying Hairdresser Skank

Michelle Thompson — Dirty Lying Hairdresser Skank. Beware Calgary watch out for this dirty skank lying hairdresser Michelle! She’s nothing but a liar and she will rip you off for a haircut she’s so unprofessional she has no respect for her clients, she does a sh1tty job on your hair and charges you double from what the barber will charge you she’s trash she’s a skank she tries to fuk her clients and tries to seduce you in going to her for a haircut, she’s a whore that just rips people off and tells them nothing but lies she’s a dirty skank whore, she needs to be put out there and people need to know who she really is and what she does with her clients. This woman is nothing but garbage, she makes the hairdressing industry look terrible, we know who you are Michelle and we know your a fraud, you can only steal from people for so long!! You dirty skank thieft! Stay away from this woman she’s trash and disgusting she has no morals you steal from hardworking honest people!!!! All that cash you make and the amount you charge is pathetic your a disgusting person you should be shunned from the hairdressing industry!!!

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