Lucas Chartrand — Run For The Hills

Lucas Chartrand — Run For The Hills. This dude is one mind fuk. He will have sex with anything that gives him attention. He makes up stories about the sad cards he has been dealt making everyone in his life at fault. He only calls when he needs help because his life is drama. He has no friends from either sleeping with their girls or stealing from them or fighting them. He is a pepsi and meth head or anything els he can get his hands on. He added me on fb I fell for his sh1t and started dating him. Only to find out the squid had been in a relationship for years and expecting a baby. He was hitting me up for everything. Broke b1tch used me and stole from me. Later find out he has many girls on the go sometimes fuks two or more in the same day. He beat up his own mother that was so sick she ended up dying. Girls if this guy adds you watch out. Guys hold on to your women and belonging. Lucas Chartrand is scvm.

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