Kristal Jordan – Stalker B1tch And Psychopath

Kristal Jordan is a low life piece of sh1t psycho stalker that thrives on harassing people online rather then taking care of her 3 children. She’s so quick to judge other people, talk sh1t and make up lies to fulfill her boring, meaningless life when shes legit the biggest lowlife piece of sh1t loser. Kristal is notorious for committing fraud which shes done numerous times now and when caught she just runs away, Rogers and London hydro finally get you Kristal? LOL, you fucking loser. This psycho b1tch has a million different facebook accounts that she uses to stalk and harass people when she really should be caring for her kids. When this psycho b1tch was pregnant with her 3rd child, she let her lowlife piece of sh1t boyfriend choke her out, hit her and spit in her face IN FRONT OF HER 2 KIDS! Great mom/parents, huh? Rather then take care of her 3 kids she sits on facebook and the dirty 24/7 and posts bullshit about other people and harasses those she has a sick obsession with. This piece of sh1t is the lowest of the low and doesn’t deserve the children she has, she doesn’t even take care of her kids, shes too busy sitting online stalking people or fuking randoms when her boyfriend isn’t around, cum dumpster. Get a life, get a job, be a fuking parent and get off your sad, pathetic, meaningless a55, piece of sh1t.

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