Kevin Bush — The Most Nasty Person Kevin Bush

Kevin Bush The Most Nasty Person Kevin Bush Who Is Called A Dobie The House Troll. If you have a place lady Kevin Bush will be there ready to [email protected]#k yeah and he is nothing more then a merh head head… he will tell you he wants to change but doesn’t and will uses you until he finds better but in my opinion he just goes a step down from yeah .. so good luck with that piece of sh1t….and don’t let him in your house he will never leave until you have to physically get him out… he is a leech and will suk the life right out of you…watch out for Kevin Bush he hangs out everywhere the drugs are…. but he thinks he is tough but everytime something happens he gets beat up and gets black eyes the guy is a real winner… he passes of his drd’s because I am feeling one right now

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