Judy Lucas — Lesbian Of The Year

Judy Lucas … where do i start. She is a backstabbing b1tch. She talks behind peoples backs and any chance she gets she gets she will fuk you over. She is a small lady, but her cvnt is a mile wide. She is not a professional nor is she good at her job. She tells people what they want to hear, only to do things behind peoples backs. She is scared to confront a person and refuses to find out the truth before she makes a decision. She acts like a saint, but her attitude towards others is absolutely horrible. She gets people hired, then goes behind the their backs when she feels she might loose her status because other people are more competent than her. I know do not know one person that respects her, or likes how she conducts herself. She will smile in your face and plot against you behind your back. Judy Lucas is a lonely old lady who gets her jollies from getting her dog to lick cheese wizz out of her pu55y. Which is absolutely disgusting… and her house is a fuking mess… I know this because ive been to her house and i slept there after a long evening of drinking partying doing pepsi with her. I was searching for the bathroom, and i accidentally seen her in her room eith her dog and the cheese … i left right away after that. Ive known Judy Lucas for a long time… and she has walked off sites, she has stolen from friends, and she has used the word nigger more than any self respecting human should use it. Im posting this to warn you the readers about this person Judy Lucas and if you encounter her, watch your back. Be fake infront of her and if she finds out anything about you negative, she will use it against you.

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