Jamie-Ann Barker — Court Worker

This woman is a fake and a fraud she is supposed to stand up for native females and is supposed to be against domestic violence But in my case she helped contribute to it instead and had my children taken from me When I was venerable. she worked for native counsel through the court house I had her to help represent my case and regret it terribly She then ended up helping the other party at the next court appearance which was a total conflict of interest and I told that to the judge The judge did not make her leave instead she stayed and had me sign away my rights as a parent. I was in an extremely vulnerable condition I was in a car accident just a week prior to the court appearance and was injured and suffering from a concussion I was also staying in a woman shelter. I thought I was doing the right thing given my condition but She should of never had me sign any type of legal documents in the condition I was in and i have been fighting ever since to get my children back. She gave my children to my abuser who left me in bebt thousands of dollars and then took my children from me aswell. She is no longer working for native counseling but has her own business called toques for justice I do not recommend going to this woman to represent your case in any way. She is a fraud and in my case continued the violence against me and my children. Here we are two years later and I have not been able to recover from what she has done to me and my family.

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