Early Logan — Friend To No One Except Pepsi And Money

This woman has been raised by a wonderful foster family only to become a drug addict and home wrecker. Shes been doing laced pepsi since she was 15 years old, even when she was pregnant with her own kid. I used to give her the benefit of the doubt in regard to her behavior considering her mom and dad were both drug addicts. Up until recently. She prostitutes and calls herself a sugar baby. You can find her on Craig’slist and leon list – usually going by the name paige and saying shes of asian or Hawaiian ethnicity. After 10 years of friendship she slept with my brother and asked my brother for $80 after for her services. My brother warned me and I didn’t listen. I paid no attention to it until she left me on the side of a highway for pepsi and then had the audacity to send pictures of her roast beef looking agina and breasts to my kids father and his friends. Shes been to all of my kids birthday parties and holidays and I’ve kept her secrets for years.. . I’ve watched her laugh as wives of the men shes slept with for money got a hold of her and cried about their families being broken and she had not broke a sweat nor a tear. When she goes out, she intentionally looks for men she can find to buy her drugs and use later on for her own benefit. Shes known to borrow money and never pay back. Usually telling people shes broke and going from there. No shame at all. I can’t say I’m even upset I just think shes sad and disgusting. She does not deserve to be a mother and soon her addictions and floozies will catch up to he.

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