Chelsea Bigcrow Raggedy, Stalking A55 Cvnt!

This won’t be the first or last time that this bitter, miserable, vapid and hateful sociopath is on here! Once this mutt starts to fixate on something, she is like a dog with a bone, she won’t let go and will stalk her prey to the bitter end. What will one do with too much time on their hands and a desperate need of attention. I couldn’t imagine being at such a low point in my life that I would be her friend and creep info for her. She needs to slither back under that filthy rock she slithered out of with her dirty mouth and disrespect that is a trait of her teachings in her sad, pitiful upbringing. This methed up waste of skin is the epitome of trash. Chelsea is a fuking loser addicted to pepsi and alcohol and is now hooked on meth and she wonders why her life is shit hanging around downtown Calgary sucking d1ck for a pint lol Always angry and vengeful she is just a disrespectful sack of sh1t to be around. She is a joke, her life is a joke, she’s just insecure cause she’s ugly af, her man is ugly, desperate and a loser in life just like her. This b1tch in heat sleeps around with anyone and then proceeds to cheat on her loser boyfriend with a bunch of guys spreading her DRDs carelessly and is a sack chasing trap queen who gets pregnant by any Tom, d1ck or Harry that raw dogs her stink dosed out pu55y. This pathetic excuse of a mutt can’t keep her legs or her loose saggy pu55y lips closed. She’s so loose, guys can’t tell if it’s in or not. She desperately seeks d1ck without boundaries. She flaunts all over social media about her great parenting but it’s all a sham. Everyone that has come in contact with her finds out quick the degenerate she really is and the absolute biggest rez whore and she can’t even blame meth for it because after she has a couple drinks the legs spread and the smell is out and another victim goes home with the chelsea raw dog experience. She is well known as toxic sludge, obsessed, a drama driven trash bag and loves putting people through hell. Don’t give her the attention she is desperate for because this shallow, narcissist is not worth anyone’s precious time. Chelsea is a vindictive lunatic who runs her big fuking mouth about everything & everyone and spreads as many lies as she does her legs all because she is an unhappy cvnt who can’t stand others being happy! It’s pathetic how your crippling insecurities are showing and keep in mind it’s not other women’s fault that you couldn’t trap another man or that you feel bad about yourself (which by the way, you totally should!!) You resent them because they embody everything that you aren’t and never will be: A happy, good looking and confident woman. I feel so sorry for you Chelsea, you are so unhappy and hate filled that you have to try make others miserable with your verbal abuse and put downs. Go ahead, look at your own reflections in the mirror. Maybe you will see just how negative and toxic you really are. But then again you’re an emotionally unstable psychopath that thinks your some great person but your head is so far up your flat ass or the clouds of smoke from the pints of meth you smoke on a daily that you can’t tell the difference between reality and fantasy! Jealous a55 b1tch get a fuking life and stop your infatuations with women you will never compare to lmfao #gogetdrunkwithyourkidsindacar

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