Austyn-Ann Godfrey — RABID HUMAN ALERT

Austyn-Ann Godfrey — RABID HUMAN ALERT.This crazy retarted freak is Austyn Godfrey and the most fuked up women out there always fuked up on pepsi and been in and out of the phycho ward. This sloor will fuk any living thing she can get her hands on can’t keep a man in her life for more then a few weeks since she gets bored of the same d1ck and will blame the guy she is leaving cus she can’t understand how she has gone wrong. This lil coward just left Kingston ON cus she was getting tossed around like a Caesar salad, knowingly passing around drds and owing a lot of money. She bragged about giving a bar owner who is a sexual predator many blumpkins so she could get free drinks all night. The last straw was when I caught her putting peanut butter on her pu55y lips and having my dog lick it off (dirty whore). BEWARE SHE HAS BEEN IN MULTIBLE GANGS AS WELL.

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