Tara Grant — Narcissist And Manipulator

Well look who is back on the dirty . i think the title says it all . IT seems to everybody that she meets that she’s out going, friendly, flirty. But do not let that smile fool you. This narcissist feeds on narcissistic Supply. Her only goal through out the day is to get this supply at whatever means necessary. She destroys people from the inside killing them slowly strategically and tactically taking people’s light. Degrading their will to live. Undermining your own thoughts . This monster knows no end. Zero compassion zero empathy unable to love she is nothing inside. The only form of identity she has is what she takes from her victims, friends and colleagues throughout the day. A hollow and empty shell of a person. She uses mental illness like a crutch. Constantly using her SELF diagnosis’ to explain or excuse her selfish childish behaviour. She’s the type of person who does not take responsibility for her actions. She promotes female empowerment and all the ‘girlgang’ stuff but does not live up to it. She’s two faced, will lie to anyone and everyone just to get what she wants, with disregard to everyone around her, including those that care about her. All talk, no show. It doesn’t matter who she hurts in the process, as long as she gets the d1ck in the end. Claims to be poly but we all know that’s so she can fuk whomever, whenever and feel less guilty about being a slut. If I were you I’d be weary about associating with her, you might end up with something.

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