Robert Wright — Mr Wright? Wrong!

Nick this GOOF is a full on waste of everything including the time this is taking .. all he knows is dope and dope he is loyal to the foil and his goofy sluts that pay his way for his LIFE stylebecause he is too much of skid and a FLAILED out mess to function normally as ND it’s sad because he could have been a good guy but he is just a lying man whore with a kindergarten education and experience with the real world and the relationship between the fent and the foil are about equivalent for him. He is a lying woman beating goof and a huge slut with the craziest manipulation skills,!! Whatcha think about drd girls (and boys) lol this falldown thinks he is the man maybe he should look at his girlfriend cass Rowland’s her face is about as pretty as a hamster with goof teeth actually thinking a hamster with goof teeth is cuter barf . Herpes and fent don’t even have know it shows ! Beware !

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Kerry Lynn Joliceour Pokornik — Home Wrecking. Sl*T. .

Keisha Marie Jealous Dirty H0e