Maranda Johnson — Use Caution!!

Maranda Johnson — Use Caution.I had been friends with this girl over 5 years and things were good… So last year we decided to make things a bit more serious and become a couple… Things were great when she was sober, buy add some drinks and that’s a complete different story!! I caught her sleeping with another man, and she said she was black out drunk and didn’t remember… She said she woke up thinking it was me but quickly realized it wasn’t!!! … Yea ok once …. Twice in a short period I can see happening… (It’s not right) thing is 6… 7.. 8 different men she accused if the exact same thing since then!!! Like who has that bad of luck I thought!! Sooo….. I go though messages and call logs … Found a number to one of these men and called him .. you know how people say and do certain things?! We all do right?! Anyways this guy said to me some things that she did and said that he would have had no idea what to say I less it was true… Yup she cheated …. Admitted it after I told her exactly what I had done… Like if these things had happened that’s rape!!! Not something you say unless it’s true one should hope… This girl’s name is Maranda Johnson…. She’s an alcoholic… (As am I..) but be cautious she will get you to buy her alcohol and do nothing but use you! There was times the last 6 months or so I suspected she was sleeping with other men to support her habbit… Stupid me gave her the bennifit of the doubt… Stupid stupid stupid mistake!!! Last night me and my sister was out and came back to her house…. Yea let’s say we caught her sleeping with my sister’s old man!! God damn hey?! Anyways this post isn’t to slander anybody but make people of both sexes aware of the things that can happen!!

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