Lee Thomas Kincaid — Women Beware!!!

Lee Thomas Kincaid — Women Beware!!!. He is a convicted thief. He abuses his mother financially, physically and emotionally. He is a complete deadbeat. Cannot hold down a job. A 50 year old druggie who blames everyone else for his sh1tty life. He is a text book sociopathic narcisist who stalks women and uses their fears etc to manipulate them into giving him money etc. He has been accused of sexual assault more than once. He will cheat, steal and lie to anyone and everyone to get what he wants. When someone says no to him he has tantrums like a child and will hound and hound and hound until you give in or call the cops (which happens more often then not). He brings NOTHING but lies and misery to any relationship!! He blames every ex for every break up and calls them the psycho’s. He is a sexual deviant who will film you without permission during intimate encounters and then will threaten to use them later if he doesnt get something he wants. He will also send those pics and videos to other women along with dic pics etc. He is truly disgusting and vial – beware and stay clear if you value your sanity and emotional safety!!

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