Laura Neufeld Be Careful People This One Has No Care

Laura Neufeld Be Careful People This One Has No Care. This girl likes to go after married men as she went after mine in the past she’s a dirty slut people need to watch out for her. The only thing that matters in her life is her, she has an DRD and goes around sleeping with people unprotected knowing she has it. for atleast 14 years and not telling them, her negligence do to her DRD even caused a child to catch that DRD this girl here is only out to get what she wants to benefit herself at any cost even if it hurts families or children. And when she is done using your man she will drop him .she goes by Laura Amy on Facebook Laura neufeld is her real name and her-marriage name is Laura Alford she will use you and abuse you. she has slept with many people in Prince George Williams Lake 150 mile house and quesnel. Amongst others. people should be checked and consider yourselves warned.this horl has more regrets and what she is doing is illegal criminally.

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