Katrina Richter — Gold Digging Cvnt

Katrina Richter Gold Digging Cvnt. She is a nasty b1tch, who looks like she’s on crack. She’s a two face, stuck up b1tch. She will sit there and pretend to be ur friend, then behind ur back she will be a total cunt. She is a manipulator, and some how got her ex baby daddy back in her grip. Just shows how stupid her baby daddy really is lol. She needs to learn to grow the fuk up, and stop acting like she’s on top of the world. And that the world revolves around her. I was nothing but nice to her, and what does she do, she treats me like shit. Like bro u don’t even know me. And at least I don’t sleep with my foster father and she shouldn’t have her kid. She smokes weed in the same house as her kid. She drives high with her 2 year old in the car. And she leaves her 2 year old unattended down stairs while she is upstairs ripping tokes. Like wow. Let’s give mother of the year to her that poor kid. Katrina and her baby daddy don’t deserve such I lovely child. They treat him like shit. She has screamed at her son when he was crying. She has also threatened to throw her child out a window just because he was crying, like wtf who does that. And who slaps their child in the face while breastfeeding. She needs to grow the fuk up in order to have a child, and there is no way she is grown up to have a kid.

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