Joel Christopher Dyble

Joel Christopher Dyble. To Whomsoever it may concern, This is with regards to Joel Dyble’s character and possible future involvement in your life. From his own admission, Joel has been credulous and complacent to the point of insignificance his whole life. His lack of awareness of his privilege extended to his lack in all other areas in which he operated. It is with deep regret that I have to inform you of Mr. Dyble’s past performance and actions in our eight-month contact. To begin he was standoffish, slightly patronizing and somewhat reserved, over time that did not improve. He replaced patronizing with condescending, was pretentious in conversation, argumentative when his ideas were challenged and aggressive when criticized. This behaviour was evident and escalated when he drank or associated with high levels of testosterone. A weekly ritual; “Saturdays are for the boys” became almost daily and an excuse for misogyny, excess and attention-seeking. Joel’s verbal spats occurred with people older than him. He displayed insincere socialization skills. I suspect stemming from homeschooling, ignored middle child insecurity, and indoctrination in a religious sect with a patriarchal, materialistic, misogynistic, racist God complex and prejudice to outside thinking or ideas. Joel often referenced needing approval from and having superiority because of his religion. He demonstrated a need to use status, objects and people to elevate himself. He had to “one-up” people in conversations. The use of alcohol to fuel his speech meant no regrets. His impaired memory combined with his stubborn attitude appeared as forgetfulness. It escalated to loud yelling, wild accusations and no apologies. There was a consistent pattern of failure to recall events that transpired when he was drinking. His performance was often reckless, impulsive and dangerous. In a short time, this led to his near-drowning, homelessness, food poisoning and financial losses to others. Joel’s lying to obtain work and maintain relationships was a by-product of his drinking. His drinking and driving record was downplayed and didn’t deter him from doing it. There were other aspects of his impaired judgement such as a willingness to associate with undesirable characters as a means to an end and pathological lying. This eroded any ability to trust or put faith in Joel. He only demonstrated reliability when it benefitted him directly. His lack of life experience, speaking etiquette and common sense did not deter his smug attitude. I believe he confuses arrogance with confidence. His reciprocal ability was very poor. He was so shallow and selfishly motivated his actions generated very little thought and effort from him. He did not exhibit genuine feelings as much as seize opportunities with his ego. Joel had a habit of besmirching and disparaging people excommunicated from his life. He stigmatized any woman he had been close to or revealed his preferences, fears and judgements with. Others think for him. Specifically, a childish, controlling, attention-seeking, vain, jealous mother with an abusive streak, need to dominate and who knew to have 7 kids was the only way to get that many people to like her. In conclusion, Joel failed (big time) to demonstrate consistency, personal responsibility for his actions, self-reflection or growth. He simply ran away from the problems he created. He ignored his contribution, denied involvement, deemed himself a victim and let someone else clean up the mess. I hope and pray you will not have the misfortune of having such a tedious, unrealistic individual that lacks character and ethics be part of your life. If you need more clarification or any more insight into the matter, please feel free to reach out to me.

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