Brady Hirney — Dont Let His Cute Smile Fool You!

This guy is all filters and selfies. But dont let his fake smile, tattoos and piercings get the best of you. He has a long list of followers of which he doesnt even know who they are just loves the attention. He never has any money, or a good job. Has no car, rents a room in dirty, smoky apartment where he stays up for days doing pepsi and smoking pot. Hes a pathological liar and a cheater. Hes a mooch and is always broke. Seems like your typical hottie these days with his style and charm. What every girl looks for. But he will fool you into thinking he will change and do better for you to find out hes just one pump dump in 1 min flat, sad lil boy all at the age of 27. STRAIGHT UP LOSER!!

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