Jennifer Lent The Super Fat-A55 POS

Jenn has serious mental issues. And not like mental health, like she’s a fuking psychotic cvnt. She’s been this way forever. She constantly says she’s dating people, even when these people have no idea. You find out later on that they had, and have NO idea that she was ‘dating’ them. Total pathological liar, and desperate to get attention constantly. When you ask them outright, “Are you dating?” to the girl, and the girl will say, “What? No, I’m straight.” It’s a fuked up conversation. They say they have no idea what you’re talking about. I once dated a girl that Jennifer Lent said she was apparently ‘engaged’ to, but when I talked to the woman, she had no idea what I was talking about. It’s insanity to hear it first hand, or to experience it first hand, when you talk to these women later in life, and realize they’ve never even dated this woman, much less been engaged to her. She brags about them constantly, and shows off photos of her ‘beautiful, skinny women’ that she’s dating, and yet, when you talk to them, they’re straight AF, and never even shared a kiss or a bed with this woman. She lies about everything. From saying she has MS, saying she has cancer, or Bells Palsy, or anything that will get her attention. She’ll say she’s going blind, and jokes about her inability to walk, but realistically, she’s just fat, and won’t go anywhere because her fat a55 gets tired after two minutes of walking. She smokes crack, snorts perks, T3s, and pepsi, and even with heavy rehab — she just wants to hide it all, and keep doing it, in spite of it all — her mother doesn’t know, and she begs her friends to hide it for her. She smokes crack still to this to this day, and hides it from her family. You’d think a crack head would be skinny, but no — she’s just a fat piece of lard that attacks people for questioning anything about her and her addict habits. She’s crazy fat, and you’d think she’d be skinny after years of crack abuse, but she’s a cow. She likes to spread lies about anyone who doesn’t believe or support her delusions, and now, she’s living with a straight girl, saying they’re together and dating. Even though that woman wouldn’t touch her with a twenty foot pole. She gets mad that this woman won’t sleep with her, and is seeing other men, and accuses past loving partners of abuse for sympathy. I just spoke to her ‘ex-fiancé’ and she was beside herself because she was accused of abusing her. I spoke with a girl who used to date her, and she regrets it all. She says, “How do you know a crackhead is lying? Their lips are moving.” Jennifer Lent is a disgusting cvnt who sweats constantly, and smells like soaked, sweaty sh1t-a55 all the time. I try to avoid her because she reeks. She smells like rotten fish, and rotten pu55y ALL the time. It smells like fuking rotting flesh. She always smells like that, but if you stand downwind it’s not AS bad as it could be.

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