Emily Colley — Bottom B1tch Tryin’ Pimp

Emily Colley– She uses the name Nevaeh on Leolist to insinuate she brings you heaven but in reality she’s robbed clients and the girls she’s forced to work with her. This girl does full service bareback fuking and is a pimp. She’s definitely and DRD since she’ll take ANY CLIENT. This ugly h0e couldn’t earn even charging 80$ and hour to fuk and was Tonys bottom earning basic b1tch so now her job is to be a pimp. She likes being a pimp though cause she was tired of disappointing clients. All she thinks she needs to be sexy is a Brazilian butt job but she really needs a face job to make her look like this snap chat filter cause that’s the only time her face doesn’t look crater filled. Don’t get involved with her she will take advantage of you. She does nails now to try to find girls cause we all know a pimps main job is to keep your nails done.

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