Stephanie Quesnel — Junkie Bum

This girl thinks she is funny talking trash about ppl she deals drugs too giving them pills and hard drugs then talking sh1t about them like she is better or something like hello get off your high horse she has anorexia and is high 24/7 and picks up her child? That’s not healthy she threatens ppl and just talks a lot of trash about a lot of ppl. She is really loopy and needs to slow down on the drugs she is becoming delusional about reality. Her customers all talk about how rude she is. Bad business she talks about loyalty yet she is not loyal herself ??? She is really scary looking and may have an Drd. Most guys don’t want to deal with her she has been around the block. Get off the drugs and quit looking for happiness In abusive men it’s not there. Most of her so called friends all talk sh1t about her behind her back. She smokes crack and does speed and it shows big time omg She is unfaithful and is just disgusting honestly be careful she will backstab you do not trust this pig of a woman. Also she loves it in the a55 and multiple partners just be safe and use protection and make sure she showers omg

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