Sabrina Phillips — Fuking Family Crack Head

ATTENTION You want hear about a real hoe on these streets? SABRINA PHILLIPS she is a family fuker, hinestley. She had sex with both a son and a father, She only had intercourse with the father who was 41 because she wanted his UNDER AGE son. She knew the son was under age. This b1tch a55 slut what can’t keep her mouth shut.She very well new the son was under age before having any type of sexual contact with him. Sabrina Phillips Completely distorted a family, used then for everything they had, broke there hearts and had sex with an under age boy. She showed no type remorse for her actions. This b1tch won’t pull up and fight any one for what she did cuz she a pus55 a55 b1tch,she dirty as fuk too. On the real though You have to have some type of mental illness that you have not yet dealt with if you think this is okay, I believe that you should never destroy and confuse a child like she did. Kids learn what they see are you sure this was the best lesson to teach the kid on her part? I find her morals values and beliefs very questionable.

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