Brianna Stewart — Disgusting Piggy

This is Bri, Stay clear of nasty infested thing She Meets guys online and has a new guy over every weekend Shes nothing but an alcoholic and a pepsi whore shes has 5 kids and believe me does drugs and has guys over while their asleep downstairs. She doesnt care who you are and what you look like as long as you have a nice car money and drugs you’ll be in her bed at the end of the night . She has no money and lives off her baby daddys money whenever he gets paid . Shes nothing but a low life such a sh1tty disgusting person Whenever this sunshine doesnt get her way or her money because she dont wanna work because shes a fat lazy cow she throws a temper like no tomorrow starts throwing threats out there acting like the child she is . She doesnt properly take care of her children either makes them miss school because shes doesnt wanna get outta bed after a long night of sloring it up dead beat mommy of the year keeping them away from their father because she cant stand his new woman Taryn .. both those girls are fuking trailer trash and alcohols and druggies they both need to fuking die or get a life Bri needs to lose some fucking weight she takes up the whole sidewalk and her poor ankles YUCK She thinks shes the hottest woman out there but shes most certainly wrong. She walks around like her pu55y dont stink but you can smell that sh1t when your sitting across the table from her . Fuking nasty a55 b1tch keep letting all those men fill your nasty cunt up wash your sh1t b1tch … fix your eye brows also disgusting hippo Quit sleeping with peoples men

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