Allie Ross And McKenzie Beaton – Birds Of A Feather?

Nik, it’s beginning to look to me like Boston’s most pathetic attention whores, Allie Ross and McKenzie Beaton are, in fact, lovers, not rivals. Using screen captures from YouTube and pictures from a publicly accessible IG account, and not unreasonable assumptions, it appears to me that the Beantown brats we’ve come to know and loathe are, quite possibly, ‘Disciples of De Generis’, so to speak. The REAL Allie Ross is a fat chick with aspirations to sing the National Anthem at Bosox games, and Mckenzie Beaton cops feels at lesbian bars, when she’s not posing on boats with a badly photoshopped butt. What a pair of Karma, karma, karma, karma karma Chameleons. Here’s all the proof I need:

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