Tia J Lucas — Greasy Junkier Needle Poker

This b1tch was so fat not but 90 days ago Thanks to her secret needle poking addiction and laying to her boyfriend and parents I see this b1tch all over belleville with mike her EX boyfriend junkie skeezer that she suks and fuks for fixes … She lost her children because the father was abusive and cause the death of the daughter . She still doesn’t have her son her parents raise him Thank god for that . She is a lying thief who can never be trusted in your home or around you man . She ripes off anyone who is dumb enough to trust her she robs stores and cars . Her brother is no different rob you blind and not pay you what they owe you. … This skid mark on belleville is why this city will never be clean ever again She is DRD’d and will give you something just the question is are you gonna have it for the rest of your life . If you need a good time add her up but be careful cause you may get poked by a dirty needle or tabbed … If this is your candy then add this sweet one right up.

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