Natalie Banks — Ghetto Trash Wannabe Rapper

This is a Natalie Banks aka missbanks_killmem. The wannabe rapper and horrible real estate agent in Austin. Im pretty sure she’s never sold a house in town but I’m sure that’s because all she talks about on her Instagram story is how she needs d1ck and to be fuked. This girl is such a sleeze bag. Imagine your realtor acting that way. It’s a shame she has no clue she’s a walking joke. No one takes her serious in this town at all. The real story is she works in a strip club and hops around to different dudes trying to get money. Not to mention my boy said her cooch smelled like 8 day old rancid fish. Check out her rap video also If you need a good laugh. Imagine needing that much attention but in reality you’re just a broke, Money chasing whore who can’t rap. Poor girl. Time to give it up sweetie. It’s not cute.

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