Kim Lara — Dirty

She is a stinky pu55y …who will fuk anyone or anything for a dollar..she uses people for money..she pops oxy cottens all day with her very faggot friend Marvin goad…yes he might be giving your child piano lessons..Kim used to be a FLOOZY back in the caveman days..and even got her daughter jewliett buck into the line of business….Kim is so money hungry I’ve seen her put a massive cucumber inside her for 10 dollars….I’ve never seen a women doush almost every single day to control the very harsh odors from below..and she will always smell the crotch of all she takes off ..underwear shorts when she don’t wear panties..who does this ..Gross..she also wipes the wrong way ..a55 to front..I told her maybe that has something to do with smell…she says she wipes like that cause she is fat…c’mon now…she is about 185 pounds and blames it on menstral cycle she is 50…but eating a gallon of ice cream and almost a whole pie everynite is not the problem..and sitting on a55 all day no exercise unless going to fridge…she is on welfare and Disibility for her now medical issues …pill Poppin ..picking out her next victim to take money and she has drds..but somehow people will fuk her nasty beware of Kim Lara of Austin Texas..all I’m gonna. Say… Stinky!!!!

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