Anthony Cantu: Sleazy Rio Night Club Promoter And Deadbeat Dad

Nik, this guy is horrible and must be exposed: Anthony Cantu. He is a living, breathing DRD. He’s contagious AF and spreads it to unsuspecting gals. My sister who is in high school got drds from him. He is mister big time promoter at Rio Night Club in Austin. He has the hookup: pepsi, girls, weed, you name it. He gets paid up to 100 an hour to trick loser guys into spending their beta bucks on VIP tables and overpriced bottles. Literal 40-dollar bottles sold for 400 but I digress…. Tony boy is thirsty for women to lure beta boys into the club but also because he is a womanizer. The main problem is Anthony brings in underage girls, some as young as fifteen or sixteen! Yes, Tony boy is providing alcohol to minors and is well known on high school campuses. The icing on the cake is that Tony is a deadbeat dad. Far behind on his child support and has been abusive to his baby momma. This loser has a bad temper and hits women. I feel bad for Kelcie because she is a good person who got caught up with a low life. Tony is scum of the earth and should be castrated

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