Johnnie Lotisha Ferreira — Woman Believed Her Own Lies

We have Johnnie Lotisha Ferreira. This woman ruined my best friend life she posted the most lying stuff about him and it’s wrong . she’s a liar a theif and most of all she a rumor spreading whore. She sleeps with underage kids she has a child by a guy she clams was over age but her wasn’t how sick is that keep your things away from her she’ll say she doesn’t have anything of yours but she’ll hide it very good. So if you guys want a flat a55 not good in bed female who sleeps with underage kids hit her up. She’ll love to sleep with your kids she. And she’s a terrible person to have in the family all she does is use her family for money just to provide for her weed and meth habit she do t care about you or your feelings she’s a heartless b1tch.

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