John Khoury — Watch Out For This Abusive & Shady Cheater!

So I met this guy from mutual friends and eventually we started talking dating etc. Apparently he has a multitude of girlfriends who don’t know about eachother. He sweettalks girls and tells them he is in a relationship with them in order to sleep with them. He then stops all contact with them and moves on to the next. I spoke to a girl who said they were also dating and she told me that he was entirely abusive, not just emotionally with his mixed signals but also aggressive, volatile and has threatened violence against women who question why he suddenly blocks them and ghosts them after dating them and fuking them for months only to drop them like a piece of trash. He is very athletic and has trained in martial arts and has threatened to use physical violence against women when trying to open contact with him. If you’re his girlfriend, you’re one of many.

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