Tyler Bird Drug Addict, Scam Artist, Master Manipulator, Woman Abuser, And Cheat

Tyler Bird Drug Addict Scam Artist Master Manipulator Woman Abuser And Cheat. This drug dealing scum lord deals drugs for his supplier, who also lives in his basement of a house he can’t afford. He’s been ran out of every local town. He beats women, used them, rapes them, cheats on them, and manipulated them until they think they might be the crazy ones. Gets high off his own supply and then beats your dog. Uses steroids to make him feel like a big man and then cries when his d1ck doesn’t work. Women beware, he will try to ruin your life. He will take videos of you having sex with him, with or without your knowledge, and keep them forever on backups files. Heaven forbid you confront him about this or he will choke you out and beat the sh1t out of you

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