Sherrie Riemer — Scary Sherrie The Homewrecker

What’s funny about this old cougar slut is that she’s been breaking up marriages from a whopping age of 18 and it still hasn’t gotten old to her yet Sherrie claims to be a personal trainer, and owner of Victory 7 personal Training, Do not let this fool you, She was kicked out of the biggest gym in Sylvan for acting inappropriately with other male clients. She opened up a gym in her basement where she would do one on one work outs with clients, this didn’t last long because her bad reputation finally caught up with her (No married woman would let there husband go there alone with her after they found out all the marriages she broke up) and she finally had to change the gym into a suite. Who knows how many times she’s been marrried. The one guy bought her fake tits, once she took this poor sap for everything she could, she divorced him and told everyone that he beat her. Sherrie is over 50 and acts like she still has game. Honestly she’s a complete retard, she makes funny noises when you talk to her, she thinks she knows politics, and claims she makes a lot of money, she’s disgusting, don’t fall for her fake tears. She lets her eyes well up like she is going to cry, but not a single tear ever falls. She is a chameleon and will pretend to be religious, tough etc etc to manipulate you to get what the selfish Cu$t wants. Guys be warned her pu55y has seen hundreds of miles of c0ck, and smells like fish coated with baby powder. She has no problem messing with married men. Be warned Sherrie is looking for her next Sugar Daddy.

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