Jeffrey L. Oldford — Man With No Morals

Jeffrey L. Oldford Man With No Morals.This man has never been loyal in his entire life he lies cheats and play girls ans women online secretly because he has a brand new baby and a wife at home he lies and cheats and abuses on a regular. He pays for random girls photos and sex. Doesn’t matter age or where they live he preys on anyone that will believe his story. And The list ain’t short. Wife and kids means nothing to this guy he trade his family for meth and any girl that he thinks will put out for him. I feel so bad for his girl and kids cause she has no idea about half of it and she has already been thru so much it’s sickening. He says girls with daddy issues are the easiest to manipulate snd use.. watch out lady’s cause this man is a predator and will leak anything personal u are dumb enough to send him…

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