Dylan Hollam — Do Not Trust This Man !

So meet Dylan. My sis has fell in love with this guy only to find betrayal, mistrust and heartbreak. He will use you and abuse you all sorts of ways. This guy has severe committment issues and is a pathological liar ! He will chest and scam you without a single thought. All women need to beware of this drunk. He is a pepsihead who apparently cannot keep a job. By the sounds of it he used my sis for a place to live, money, you name it. Meanwhile sleeping around in camp and with his ex in the same town they live in ! Such a loser. All he does is manipulate. My sis deserves better then the trauma he put her through after he is done with you he will drop you like nothing coward behind a phone and ghost you. Ladies beware ! You cannot trust this Man do not let this con artist fool you. My poor sis made the mistake of loving this man whole heartedly only to find out his true colours. Nothing but a drug addict with a piece of sh1t truck who can’t earn a living using women for all they got. Blast this idiot !

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