Darren Sauter Con?… Hilarious

To whomever wrote the bad “dirt” on Darren Sauter from Edmonton … I’m going to assume the issue was you and your clear lack of understanding how a brilliant, entertaining, strong willed, hard working and determined mind works… and that’s ok because I don’t mind having you throw him overboard simply because you didn’t understand him.. in fact I appreciate it … Darren must have QUITE the con going here because for six months he has been a true gentleman, an amazing man – walks me to my vehicle EVERY time we part, opens every single door for me every single time , I haven’t pumped gas or carried groceries or had to shovel my sidewalk since we met… he has put in a TON of effort if this is all a con especially since I don’t even have anything to be conned out of LOL… he has honestly worshiped me like a Queen for the last six months without hesitation or neglect ever … I’ve met his family they are great too… I guess unless they are all in on the elaborate “con”?! … if this is a con … it’s the biggest, smartest most intricate con going! Darren showers me with love, affection, respect, partnership and dreams … i’m certainly not doing this post to convince women he’s worth dating… Because I’m not sharing… the only reason I’m doing this post is because I don’t think it’s fair that someone as clearly insecure and jaded as you gets the last word in an attempt to tarnish his reputation .. he is no con and you should probably be sued for slander. That’s just my opinion. Thank you for not being secure enough in yourself to bother to understand him’re missing out on an amazing man, with a pure heart, a brilliant mind and hard body worth worshiping… I’m grateful he has gone so misunderstood and disrespected … I feel blessed to have him a part of my heart and soul. So thank you to all you ladies too self absorbed, selfish, psychotic or otherwise for not seeing an amazing thing when you had it.

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