Chantel Bachman Cheating Coward

Chantel Bachman Cheating Coward. Meet Chantel Bachman, she is a Nurse currently working in the [REDACTED] in California, but is from Strathmore, AB. While travelling as a nurse, she decided she would have an affair with my friends husband, of course the fact that he was married with children didn’t stop her. When my beautiful friend found out, she was crushed, her family destroyed. She reached out to Chantel, calmly asking to speak with her. Chantel, obviously a low life and coward refused to speak with her – and blocked her. If you are reading this and know Chantel, let her know that the idiot husband has given the wife all of Chantel’s information. And the wife has passed this onto me to do as I please with. Chantel, you are the lowest of low. You had no right to get involved in this families life. You are a pathetic excuse for a woman, keep hiding like a coward. Someday Karma will get you!

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